Now is the time to get your lawn in shape with properly timed applications of Jonathan Green Lawn Products. We can help you create an eco-friendly lawn that is:

  • Naturally dark green in color, so it looks great with less fertilizer
  • More drought tolerant because it’s deep rooted
  • More disease and insect resistant because our turf grasses contain endophyte, reducing the need for chemical pest controls.

Let Jonathan Green help you, in an ecologically friendly way, to grow today’s great looking care-free lawn.

Blue Mountain currently carries the following Jonathan Green Products:

Lawn Repair

Grass Seed – Fertilizer – Mulch Mixture. For quick and easy repair of lawn bare spots. Great for use on new lawns too. Contains Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed, Organic Lawn Fertilizer, MAG-I-CAL and Green Mulch. Helps reduce overall watering. Eco-friendly formula.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty™ truly innovative darker-green turfgrass planted by Sod Growers. Grass leaves possess an invisble waxy coating, very similar to what you’d find on an apple. Preserves moisture in the leaf and wards off stress from heat, cold, wind and disease. Roots 4-feet deep into the soil. Redefines what a “green-lawn” is supposed to look like! Thrives in sun or shade.

Shade Nooks

Shady Nooks™ Mixture is especially made to survive in damp soil, or in dry poor soils, in areas of heavy shade. Endophyte enhanced for improved insect resistance. Contains Poa Trivialis, a shade tolerant grass that grows well in moist, shady areas. Contains Hard Fescue the turfgrass requiring the least fertilizer.

Sun & Shade Mix

Sun and Shade mixture will grow a thick, dark-green lawn in both sun and partial shade areas. Wide adaptability and elite varieties make this our most popular grass seed mixture. Endophyte enhanced for improved insect resistance.


MAG-I-CAL™ is a soluble form of Calcium, readily available for plant uptake or pH adjustment. Easy to spread pellets release trapped nutrients. Can be used throughout the yard. Boosts lawn’s color, reduces stress, improves soil texture, aids in water uptake. Save on labor and storage space: fewer refills, less handling and fewer empty bags to dispose of. The missing ingredient in your lawn care program that makes everything else work better!


An ideal balance of fertilizer for today’s high quality turf requirements with the added benefit of Green-Meter Technology Controlled Release Nitrogen, which continuously feeds the turf for up to 12 weeks. Green-Up’s release is unaffected by excessive rainfall, thereby reducing grass clippings. Green-Up also provides readily available forms of Phosphorus and Potassium and a uniform particle size for even spreader distribution. The addition of Iron and Sulfur to Green-Up’s formula helps your lawn withstand drought and disease.

New Seeding

High Phosphorus formula helps build a vigorous root system and gets new grass plantings off to a fast start for a thicker, greener lawn. Use under new sod lawn installations. Contains Iron for deep-greening.

Green Mulch

Use when seeding. Enhances seed germination, contains fertilizer. Completely weed-free. Instant green, aesthetically pleasing, controls erosion and is safe and biodegradable

Weed Screen

Garden weed control that prevents over 25 weeds from emerging in your shrub, flower and vegetable gardens and mulch beds. Apply anytime of year for season-long weed control. Weather resistant, re-sealable poly bag with easy carry handle. Also available in refillable, flip-top shaker jugs for ease of application.

Hand Crank Spreader

Use for grass seed, fertilizers, ice melters, etc. Designed for easy handling and even spreading. Rust and corrosion resistant, Polyproplyene, lightweight and easy to use. Easy on-off flow rate adjuster. Fully assembled.