Erosion Control – A beautifully landscaped slope or hillside, can be a dramatic element of your yard, or property. And they also potentially difficult to mow and maintain, as well as they are threatened by erosion. Erosion doesn’t make areas where run off has happened look bad, it also can have serious effects on your plants. Erosion may wash away some soil, but that’s not all, it also can wash away beneficial microorganisms and nutrients from the soil itself.

Blue Mountain carries a full line of erosion control mats, blankets, and more.

Weed Control – Weeds, weeds, weeds! Nothing takes away the beauty of a garden or landscape like weeds. Well Blue Mountain carries a variety of weed control fabrics which can help by stopping 95% of weed growth, while allowing air, water, and fertilizer to pass through to your plant’s roots. It saves you all that time – no more weeding! and they are easy to install.

We also carry…

• Professional Landscape Fabrics

• Retaining Wall Geo-grid

• Polymeric Sands

• Landscaping Tools

And more…